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Established in 2005 PlaceMe is Irish owned and has partnered with Irish businesses to solve their ever changing recruitment needs quickly and cost effectively Nationwide. PlaceMe consultancy is known for its vigorous and fresh approach, providing value added professional recruitment services.

We are not interested in ‘driving volume’ moving people around at the expense of losing quality just for the sake of collecting a placement fee.

What we are interested in is happy clients and happy candidates, not least because we know from experience that happy clients invariably convert into repeat business or recommendation to other business associates further down the road. Happy candidates placed in fulfilling and rewarding jobs frequently convert into referrals from their friends and other like-minded individuals.

Looking for the right employer or employee? We aim to bring you together, ensuring you get it right first time.

To learn more about our pursuit of quality and sustainability – and about our eminently affordable bespoke service – read on.

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